Monday, February 23, 2009

Certainty in Uncertainty

As many of you know Jim Bradford our Sr. Pastor at Central has accepted a position as General Secretary of the Assemblies of God. I have to admit it was quite a shock last Wednesday morning when Pastor Jim informed me along with the rest of our Pastoral team that he would be resigning. Hundreds of thoughts immediately went through my mind; what are the next steps, how is this going to effect the church, the staff, our student ministry, my wife and I, and so on and so on. When a sudden change in life happens it easy to become fearful. I think it's a natural reaction and emotion to have but as we have time to process our feelings we have to allow FAITH to replace the FEAR. One of the many benefits of walking with and serving God is to know that he is in control. That He PROMISES to take care of us and provide for our needs. It does not mean that we won't face uncertain times in life but it does mean that we can be certain that God knows all things and that he is constantly advancing His purpose for our lives. I'm not certain what the future holds for Central but I am certain that God does. God asks all of us to walk by faith not by sight and to trust Him during uncertain times. And what's awesome about God is when we live by faith God is always faithful to respond! I believe God has great things ahead for Central and will continue to lead us to accomplish His vision for our church and community. I am blessed to serve with an amazing and strong Pastoral staff that is going to continue to follow God on this exciting journey!

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Mike McCrary said...

P Kyle, Can you reformat this blog a little so we can put it on the staff blog? Great thoughts.