Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am Spam, Spam I am NOT.

I started my blog last week and then received a notice from Blogger that I was flagged as SPAM and "under review." After I took a few minutes to follow the link and ask for my blog to be unlocked, it was taken care of within 24 hours. They apologized and assured me it was necessary to make sure that SPAM didn't compromise the integrity of their site.

This made me think about filters. All e-mail providers have filter systems that they use to keep "junk" mail from entering our inbox. We have the ability to set the filter on high (only allowing people we have approved to send things to our inbox) or low (allowing just about anyone to send things into our inbox). We ultimately determine what we allow the filter to stop or let in.

As Christ followers we all need those same type of filters to keep the "junk" out of our lives. Proverbs tell us to guard our heart for it affects everything that we do. So let me ask you, how well do you protect yourself? What setting do you have the filter to your heart (inbox) set to, high or low? Have you made sure the integrity of your life hasn't been compromised?

Maybe we all need to clean out our inbox.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is this thing on?

My first official blog, I'm wondering if I'm cool now?
Hopefully this works!