Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hitting the Pause Button

My favorite thing about my DVR/TIVO is hitting the Pause Button while watching live Ohio State football. When something distracts me or needs my attention I simply hit pause and then pick back up right where I left off. I don't miss a single play. It's a beautiful thing!
I know for most of us that life is busy. I know for Jess and I our days and nights are often full of things to do. However, recently we have set a goal to just shut everything off 3 nights a week. We turn off the TV, close down the computer, and turn off the Blackberry to focus our time, thoughts, and hearts on the Lord. I have to admit that this is hard to do (especially turning off my "crackberry"). Many of us are so overwhelmed with the busyness of LIFE that we miss the entire reason we LIVE.
I think God is trying to distract us in the middle of our "live" game called life and is wanting our attention. Let us remember that we were created by God and for God. We were created to be in relationship with Him. God desires so much to speak to His creation, but how will we ever hear Him if we don't stop and listen. God wants us to hit the "pause button" on our lives frequently enough so that He can distract us and speak. He wants to use us to impact our world. We are the carriers of His hope. The ones sent to fulfill His mission. God is speaking, are you listening? Hit the "pause button" today and just listen. Just like my Buckeye games, life will be right there waiting for you when you get back.